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Un tilde pero en castellano -- a small spanish-speaking tilde
Created Oct 30 2020
Admins ffuentes
Link texto-plano.xyz
IRC #texto-plano
Git https://git.texto-plano.xyz/
OS openbsd

Texto-plano.xyz is a Spanish-speaking tilde created in late October 2020 due to the lack of a specific space for these users. It aims at creating a community of users learning and playing with a UNIX system and it's free for everyone. It's founded on the following principles:

  • Minimalism
  • Curiosity
  • Communitarism
  • Non commercial
  • Focused on server interaction rather than services
  • Spanish speaking

People requesting accounts should read the code of conduct and be able to interact with others in Spanish. Account requests are reviewed manually.

Texto-plano.xyz is physically located in a US server. This is server has been deployed using OpenBSD for security concerns and added novelty. Some services are provided from a Chilean server but it's not available for direct SSH access.

Services available

All services are available for users of the server:

  • Mail server (tied to UNIX accounts)
  • Gopherholes (gophernicus)
  • Web server (nginx: ej: texto-plano.xyz/~user)
  • Local BBJ (internal BBS)
  • Git server
  • Icecast radio
  • Jabber server (@texto-plano.xyz)
  • Caja (sharing folder available at caja.texto-plano.xyz)
  • Voice chat (Mumble) (CL/US)
  • Pleroma (CL)
  • DoH(set up https://doh.texto-plano.xyz) (CL)

Some services might need to be requested to the admin. Software can also be requested and pdmenu shows most available applications.

Other notes

Users of texto-plano.xyz produce: El podcast de Texto-Plano. A podcast about free software, privacy and tilde stuff.