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tilde.chat is the irc network of the tildeverse, an association of social unix servers built as an intentional community for teaching, learning, and sharing.

tilde.chat is a place for tilde-folk and friends to gather and communicate.

Connection Info

IRC Client

point your client to irc.tilde.chat on port 6697 with ssl/tls

if you're getting a higher ping than you'd like, try one of the geo-round-robins: na.tilde.chat, eu.tilde.chat, and au.tilde.chat on port 6697 with ssl/tls.

plaintext on localhost port 6667 is available at a shell on tildes that run chat nodes (port 7766 when connecting from town)

XMPP (via gateway)

You can connect from any xmpp client with our biboumi gateway. it runs on tilde.team's xmpp server.

channels can be joined with this room-format: #helpdesk@biboumi.tilde.team


Tilde.chat does not offer or allow matrix bridges.

Web chat

If you don't have a client ready to go, try using our webchat:

If you want to create a direct link to the channel, put it at the end of the url like this: https://tilde.chat/kiwi/#channel


voice chat to accompany IRC.

use your client to connect to tilde.chat on the default port using tilde.chat as the password and talk!

there's also a web client. use the same password.

might not be anyone there. shout about it on irc first!


We have a quote database, in the style of bash.org, that aims to catalog moments on tilde.chat. tildebot also keeps track of some quotes, use ,q <user> to see them.

Rules / Guidelines

Please see the IRC etiquette guide

Chatting/using tilde.chat IRC servers implies agreement with the code of conduct.

If you have anything that needs oper attention, please send a mail to opers at tilde dot chat.

Incidents will be handled according to the CoC as well as by admins of your home tilde.

Notable channels

channel description
#helpdesk #helpdesk is the tildeverse help/support channel
#meta #meta is the nightmare hell world where many conversations take place
#wiki discuss or get help with this wiki
#gopher #gopher is the channel for the gopher protocol
#gemini #gemini is the semi-official channel for the gemini protocol
#bots test and play with cool chatbots
#politics 'your uncle at the christmas table' roleplay channel
#team #team is tilde.team's channel
#club #club is tilde.club's channel
#town #town is tilde.town's channel

For an up-to-date, sortable channel list, see the channel stats page.


See IRC Bots for guidelines and a list of bots you can find here. Try to keep any significant bot activity in #bots.