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email supports email locally and via IMAP/SMTP, sending and receiving mails is limited to Tildeverse addresses plus a few others, a complete list [[1]]

clients and connection settings

  • mutt - should work out of the box
  • alpine - should work out of the box
  • the host does not support webmail
  • imap/smtp
    • some clients will autoconfigure (tested with thunderbird, however see below)
    • email address:
    • username: unix username (without the domain)
    • password: your shell password
protocol hostname port encryption type
imap 143 starttls
imaps 993 ssl/tls
pop3s 995 ssl/tls
smtp 587 starttls Note: currently the system does not accept mails on port 587, please use 465
smtps 465 ssl/tls