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Created Feb 10 2019
Admins ubergeek
IRC #thunix
OS debian

The project is a community project focused on decentralized and distributed technologies. Building the system is a volunteer effort, in which people can now keep their data stored anywhere.

These changes came following the system volume corrupting[1] on the old server, which was intended to serve as an alternative to hexhaxtron's thunix Shell Provider and Web Host ( when the server went offline unexpectedly. According to the Frequently Asked Questions page, users were given time to copy data off before the disks were wiped.[1]

Unlike either hexhaxtron's and amcclure's, the new is now focused on decentralization, with the goal to let users keep their data wherever they wish, while keeping it as a part of a global chain of VPN-connected systems.

Authentication to services, servers, and containers are done with LDAP. A mountable network filesystem contains the users' home directories. An ingress VPN with a private network space connects's infrastructure. Still relying heavily on ansible, the configuration for can get deployed on various machines for use with the decentralized network. The ansible use also ensures a baseline configuration for all of the machines, so long as users do not install things manually.

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