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Created May 2017 (Estimated)
Admins hexhaxtron
Location London, UK
OS debian

Thunix (written as "thunix") was a free shell account service that offered secure shell (ssh) accounts, web hosting, email accounts, and many other things free of charge. It was founded by hexhaxtron as a hobby project. Following thunix's sudden and unexpected shutdown, an attempt was made by the two remaining volunteer admins to revive the service. Ubergeek, a tildeverse admin, volunteered to provide hosting, but rather than continue things from where they were left of at from hexhaxtron's thunix, the effort to relaunch thunix was merged with the tilde project "Project Phoenix", as an attempt to quickly integrate it into the tildeverse. The result was a new tilde in the name of thunix called "thunix Phoenix", later renaming to