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A BitBot that runs on tilde.chat and Libera chat.

BitBot is a Python3 modular event-driven IRC bot with high IRCv3 support and a wide variety of functionality.

As a framework, BitBot is designed to cater to both the pro IRC bot nerd that wants to get deep in to the bones of the system and the casual module writer that just wants to make something neat and useful. This is achieved by making command callbacks as easy as they can be while still leaving open bare-metal parts of the framework to be tinkered with.

BitBot operates on top of a SQLite3 database for persistent data and holds full IRC session state in memory (user connection info, channel info, modes, etc.)

BitBot boasts a REST API, github webhook notifications, user access control, channel access control, channel moderation, spam detection, voting, per-user config (location, prounouns, etc), cross-network relaying, auto-title-ing, searching, translating, evaling, karma and much more.

Git webhooks

tildebot handles git notifications for several projects on tildegit and github. Contact ben to set this up. Notification channels can be on tilde.chat or Libera.