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tilde.team is a shared system that provides an inclusive, non-commercial space for teaching, learning, practicing and enjoying the social medium of unix.
Created May 30 2017
Admins ben, khuxkm, cmccabe
Link tilde.team
IRC #team
Location hosted @ OVH in Quebec
Git https://tildegit.org/team
OS ubuntu, freebsd

tilde.team is a tilde created in 2017 by ben

a digital community for socializing, learning, and making cool stuff


tilde.team is a shared system that provides an inclusive, non-commercial space for teaching, learning, practicing and enjoying the social medium of unix.

here are some of our most important values:

  1. tilde.team is an alternative social environment for the technically-inclined; specifically, a non-commercial alternative to the mainstream, corporate-owned media and social media. we aim to put the users in control of the tools of communication that are currently being neutered by corporate commodification of the www.
  2. provide tools, resources and encouragement for users to develop ideas and best practices for the next generation of public access unix systems. the "next generation" is always ahead of the present, so this implies that the system is in a constant state of development and self-improvement, with a continually rolling set of goals, and regular testing and evaluation of experimental projects. –all of which is powered by user involvement in a brainstorming/experimenting/teaching/learning/doing model.
  3. serve partly as a meta-community among other tildes and pubnixes, both sharing best practices and learning from their experiences.
  4. last but absolutely not least –> MAKE IT FUN! it should not be a bitter place to sulk or rant about mainstream culture. it should be a social environment in which users can go wild and push their creative skills to the limit. it should be a place to appreciate what does not exist in other exploitative commercial environments.




because ~ben hoards domain names, the following domains are associated with tilde.team and/or the tildeverse somehow:

aliases can be used as-is, where redirects will simply change to a tilde.team url.


tilde.team offers an alternate host: bsd.tilde.team, which runs freebsd 13.

currently it supports:

  • webhosting out of ~/public_html at https://<user>.bsd.tilde.team or https://bsd.tilde.team/~<user>
  • email with user@bsd.tilde.team - feel free to forward this elsewhere or to your main @tilde.team address
  • finger
  • local irc server: localhost:6667 plaintext or bsd.tilde.chat:6697

currently, this vm is hosted on a server i rent from hetzner in germany, so feel free to put your chat client etc here if you get better ping.

the user creation script copied over the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file in your $HOME on ~team. feel free to adjust as needed or holler if you need an admin for something. you should be able to just ssh user@bsd.tilde.team instead of user@tilde.team

there’s a mailing list thread for discussion that i’ll post updates to. feel free to holler in #team on irc as well.

services hosted on tilde.team

due to lack of foresight, a lot of services run directly on the same VM as tilde.team (under unique users as needed).