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TildeNet is a virtual network connecting different tilde servers. This allows for services to run in a tildeverse-wide intranet. We give away addresses in the reserved blocks ( space) for tilde server operators.

TildeNet is very similar to ChaosVPN, the virtual network that connects hackerspaces. Contrary to ChaosVPN, TildeNet is based on wireguard tunnels, not tinc.

This project was started after TildeVPN (~VPN) which uses wireguard. That's why ~net is based on Wireguard, but that could change eventually, depending on how this experiment works out in practice.


TildeNet intends to connect all servers of the tildeverse federation. At the moment, ~Net connects the following servers:

  • ~best (
  • ~team (
  • thebackupbox.net (
  • thunix.net (