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Tilde.tel - a phone network for tildeverse users. Now available on https://tel.tilde.org.nz

Service numbers

Extension Service
1101 Echo test
1104 Voicemail
1105 Conference bridge

Getting started

How to get a number

To get a tel.tilde.org.nz number, visit https://tel.tilde.org.nz/register/.

If you had a tilde.tel number, in most cases, you can use that number on tel.tilde.org.nz! Just mention your old number in your registration.


You can access voicemail by dialing 1104.

The default passcode is 1234#.

Change it by dialing in and typing 0, 5, <new passcode> # and <new passcode again> #



tilde.tel was originally created by cat, but was closed down due to inactivity, only to be later re-created by Darcy/Iris.