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The tildeverse is a loose association of like-minded tilde communities. If you're interested in learning about *nix (linux, unix, bsd, etc.) come check out member tildes and sign up!

Tildes are pubnixes in the spirit of tilde.club.



The first “tilde” known as tilde.club by Paul Ford[1], started on September 30, 2014[2], provided shell accounts and basic services for its users.[3] While public-access systems have existed decades before tilde.club, this is the first well-known pubnix to use the "tilde" name, referring to ~/, or a user's home directory.

Due to how fast tilde.club grew, the admin was left unable to handle all the new user requests, and due to its growing wait-list, different servers became available. These servers include tilde.town by vilmibm which was founded 11 days after tilde.club on October 11, 2014[2] and ctrl-c.club by calamitous which was founded 67 days after tilde.club on December 6, 2014.[2]

After discovering tilde.club in 2017, Ben created tilde.team on May 30[2] after being unable to join the original tilde. Later that year, on December 24[2], Deepend would found yourtilde.com. Although it and many of the tildes that would come after it would end up remaining smaller in size (based on total registered users), their communities still thrived in their own ways.

Then, over a course of time between April and June in 2018, tilde.team, tilde.town, and yourtilde would come together to form tilde.chat. Shortly after creating the shared IRC network, tildeverse.org was registered in order to better coordinate and build a community between tildes.


Since the founding of the tildeverse, hundreds of new people have joined. At this point, members consisted solely of "general purpose" tildes, or tildes that primarily served as a general shell server and community, powered by the GNU/Linux operating system.

In the coming months, the tildeverse would see an increase in membership, including envs.net by Sven Kinne (environments, another general-purpose tilde) which started on August 11, 2018[2], cosmic.voyage by James Tomasino (more specifically based around a collaborative science-fiction universe) on November 20, 2018[2], and tilde.institute by gbmor (powered by OpenBSD rather than GNU/Linux) 2 days after cosmic.voyage, on November 22, 2018.[2]

In 2019, the tildeverse would see the starts of more new tildes with a wider array of purposes along with revivals of older systems. The first revival in 2019 was thunix.net by amcclure, naglfar, and ubergeek (a continuation the now defunct thunix.org) which started on February 10, 2019[2], and the first new tilde of the year, aussies.space (a general-purpose tilde for people in and around Australia) which started on February 19, 2019[2]. In the next month, 6 new tildes would start and join the tildeverse. These included radiofreqs.space by nonlinear (for those interested in radio) which started on April 11, 2019[2], rw.rs by adsr (a 90s-style tilde) which started on April 13, 2019[2], tilde.pink by tiwesdaeg (originally gopher-only tilde, later gained gemini) which started April 14, 2019, the now late tilde.center by aewens (focused on decentralization) which has an estimated start date of July 8, 2019[2], the now late tilde.black by tomasino (a privacy focused tilde) which was started on April 13, 2019[2], and Wilde by TechEmporium (the first and possibly only Windows tilde) which was started on August 26, 2019[2].

Things would then be rather silent outside of tilde.club until September 28, 2018, where an email was sent out regarding tilde.club to the entire back-list letting them know that the tilde is under new management, and that they will now be getting an account on the new tilde.club[4].

In late 2020, Texto-plano.xyz by ffuentes (the second-known Spanish language tilde) joined the tildeverse, and was started on October 30, 2020[2].

Unfortunately between 2019 and 2020, some of these tildes would go offline. tilde.center would go down and be removed from the tildeverse member list on July 24, 2019 with focus being shifted to the tildex project, Wilde would go offline temporarily and be removed from the tildeverse member list on August 9, 2020 due to a disagreement between the admin and hosting sponsor over the site style used on YourTilde, and tilde.black would go down and be removed from the tildeverse member list on August 31, 2020 due to service abuse.[5] Wilde would later come back in early 2021 through efforts outside of the tildeverse made in part by its former admin and Wilde's founder.

Joining the tildeverse as a member tilde

Tilde servers may request to join the tildeverse as official member tildes. The criteria for doing so are:

  • The server should have been online and stable for an extended period of time (usually a year at least)
  • The admin should have a good reputation within their community
  • The admin and server should express an interest in sharing or collaborating on services in the tildeverse network
  • A channel representing the tilde on the shared tilde.chat IRC network
  • The tilde server is in-line with the codes of conduct of the tildeverse

If these criteria are all met, the admin may make a request to the operators of the tildeverse member tildes. All current administrators of member tildes will then discuss the request and make a decision whether to admit the new tilde, reject it, or suggest a trial period.

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